Selling Your Property

At Alpha we believe that the Guernsey property market, and people’s expectations, have come a long way from the days when simply taking a photo and sticking it in the Guernsey Press was an acceptable approach.

It is our aim to get to know our clients and their property as well as we can and in particular to understand their requirements both in terms of ideal time-scales and future plans.

Simply put, we firmly believe that circumstances dictate the best approach for selling a property. There are many factors to consider that may favour a less ‘forward’ approach, not least whether the vendors have found something suitable themselves.

As an island community of barely 60,000 souls, word spreads quickly. There is always a hard-core of property on the market that seems to have been there forever. As a small community with a vibrant and ‘busy’ property market, it does not take long for a property to become stale, particularly if over-exposed or at too high a price.

Most property do need to be advertised, however you are already reading this through one of the best mediums. The internet allows us to put your property into the homes and offices of potential vendors. We are currently attracting between 250-500 ‘hits’ per day on our website.

Exposing a property to the market is not always necessary. We would estimate that approximately 1in 10 of our sales occurs without the property being formally marketed. In no small part is this due to the extensive database we have built up. As with our vendors, we also like to spend time over a coffee getting to know those who are looking for property, whether as that next move or simply as an investment. This time, which we consider very well spent, allows us to immediately contact people who may be interested in your home. During 2008, one of our purchasers has recently completed on his 3rd investment property with David. John is dealing with a delightful couple whom have bought and sold through him 6 times in the last 11 years.


We are frequently asked by vendors whether there is anything that they can or should do to their property to make it more ‘saleable’. Invariably when it comes to anything involving a significant amount of time or money, our advice is simply DO NOTHING. On one hand, the recent rash of home improvement shows on TV have convinced half the population that if you spend £500 you’ll get £5000 back, yet at the same time, the majority of purchasers want to stamp their own mark on a property and are more interested in the number of bedrooms, size of garden, parking etc, than whether the hall has had a fresh coat of paint.

There are of course exceptions. Anything that can be done to smarten the overall appearance of both the inside and outside of a property, without significant cost, must be considered worthwhile. However beware, fresh paint may be appealing to some, but will equally raise suspicions in the mind of another.

Selling a house is really down to a common sense approach by both the estate agent and the vendor. Over the years we have come across many people who seem to be comfortable to allow their estate agents to dictate, which is a fairly bizarre situation bearing in mind it's the vendor who is "the boss", something that we never forget!! Remember it's your house and there are many ways in which it can be best marketed. Our advice and time are free and totally without obligation, so please David or John on 729891.


At Alpha Estates we are firmly committed to providing realistic valuations, and will never ‘dangle a carrot’ to attempt to get a property on our books. If the figures that your agent tells you seem too good to be true, then they probably are.

We won’t go into great detail as to how we value our properties, suffice to say it does take some considerable working out. We would never compromise our standards by giving instant valuations or attempting to ‘stick a finger in the air’; we pride ourselves on being accurate and believe that this can only be achieved by research and careful consideration. We never forget that we are talking about (very) big numbers and getting to within a10-20k is simply not acceptable.


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