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Derwent is Alpha Estates Alderney representative. Like Chris he has a professional background that is pretty far removed from Estate Agency. A qualified pilot since 1998, Derwent is a well-recognised and respected Aurigny pilot who, due to temporary ill health, has had to look for pastures new.
Luckily for us, he was a long-time friend of Alpha Estates and when we began to look at the Alderney housing market there was no competition as to who would be our ‘man on the ground’. Obviously, like any job, there is always a lot to learn and Derwents’ sharp wit and enthusiasm has seen him learning the business with aplomb. However, it is the traits that can’t be learnt that make Derwent the ideal person for the job.

Derwent is conscientious, caring and empathetic which already sits him right in the centre of Alpha’s ethos. He works well under pressure, which was a prerequisite of his previous employment, and as such, he is the ideal candidate to bring calm to anybody involved in either side of the sales process.
How do I know this, you ask? Well having spent several weeks in Derwents’ company, I have seen, first hand, how people react to him and talk with him in the street. Whenever, he waves to someone, as they pass the shop, he tells me their name, a little story about them (never gossip), how he knows them, or where they met. Derwent is, very obviously, someone who cares, who listens and deeply respects that human connection.

These are the traits that will make Derwent a great Estate Agent and a valuable player in Alderney’s market. All the while, the business knowledge is catching up, very quickly. Alpha Estates and Alderney are really blessed to have this guy as one of their own.