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Damian Wood is a director of Alpha Estates. He has a tremendous knowledge base and his experience, in all facets of the industry, is second to none. When married up with his acute sense of fairness, his presence, in the field, is a great leveller and tempers the more obvious and cut-throat side to this business. He has long championed the ethos and ethics that were instilled in him by his mentor and friend, John Le Tissier; who started Alpha Estates in 2007. By telling people what they ‘need to hear’, rather than what they ‘want to hear’, Damian has garnered much respect, as this is not the easy path to a profit that so many others tread.

Damian has strongly formed opinions, on most things, which come from a place of passion as well as intelligence. These viewpoints are, mostly, shared with a ‘tongue in cheek’ humour that often leaves Him as the funniest and brightest person in the room. Naturally he doesn’t see this but anyone who spends time with him, no matter how long, will.

His strong moral compass is not an act, of course, as when He’s not working Damian commits time to growing indigenous oak and alder trees, to be replanted across the Island, for free. He has a strong sense of family and he is generous to a fault.  He is recognised as an incredibly talented singer/songwriter and possesses the voice of an angel. He is, also, an accomplished fisherman and wherever you encounter him, whether it’s at the fisherman’s café, the Vale Earth Fair, or chatting with lawyers, at a function, you can see he is engaging, relevant and warmly received.

Alpha Estates goes way beyond just selling houses and Damian Wood is its heartbeat.