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Chris Bale has played a big part in establishing Alpha Estates new vision. He has been a friend of Damian’s for many years and possesses, in spades, all of the personality traits that you would want to find in someone, if you were to employ them to sell your house. Having worked for some 25 years in the care sector, mainly with children and young adults, Chris has a unique set of transferable skills and experiences.

As well as helping to gently bring joy and laughter back to the office, over the last few months, he always brings calm and reassurance to the room. As a friend, a dad, and all round good egg he seldom, if ever, seems at a loss to say the right thing or to speak out when necessary. When he does speak, people tend to listen as he is articulate, empathetic and has an incredible ability to never offend anyone, even when disagreeing with them, which in this day and age is a heavenly gift!

In his other guises you may recognise Chris as a basketball player…..of yesteryear, a musician…..of yesteryear or, maybe more recently, a bird and wildlife photographer! Chris loves a hobby but only if he is going to be any good at it!

Chris’s enthusiasm and very competitive nature is only shaded by his keen sense of injustice. So his real talent lies in understanding the needs of others, particularly the lowly and downtrodden, and how to provide for it. A natural born problem solver and mediator, He really couldn’t be in a better industry. He’s a great asset to Alpha Estates and we’re totally glad to have him.